About Us

The social marketplace is an information hub for organizations selling social goods and services to low-income
consumers in developing countries.

What is the Social Marketplace about?

We are about sharing best practices around social marketing to enable faster, more efficient scaling of social goods and services.

We believe that there are many lessons to be learned across products, geographies, organizations, and target audiences and we want to capture these insights in one place and make the knowledge freely available to all who desire it.

We recognize that it is impossible to capture everything there is to know about marketing, but we start with the basics and introduce key principles and techniques. We welcome your participation in the process and are always looking for more writers to share their stories.

What is Social Marketing?

Social marketing is the use of marketing strategies and techniques to achieve a social goal. Social marketing borrows heavily from commercial marketing and the social sciences. Using traditional marketing techniques such as market research, product development, distribution, and demand creation, social marketing campaigns are able to encourage populations to purchase socially beneficial goods and services.

There is no single solution to social marketing: every situation is different. Therefore, we present a mix of contextual theory and hands-on tools and ideas for your organization. It focuses on some of the problems frequently encountered in low and middle-income countries and ways to overcome them.

Who created the Social Marketplace?

Impact Carbon was interested in creating a free social marketing guide for its local NGO and corporate partners in East Africa. That vision ultimately became the Social Marketplace, a resource that all organizations can use to develop marketing strategies and social marketing campaigns for products such as efficient cookstoves, solar lights and point-of-use water filtration devices.

Initial funding was provided by an award from the Dow Sustainability Innovation Student Challenge, administered by the Sustainable Products and Solutions Program at UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business and College of Chemistry.

To meet the team behind Social Marketplace, click here.