EarthSpark taps into the power of testimonials when promoting their catalog of energy-saving products. They hold community demonstrations and efficient stove throwdowns to get the word out.  They loan cookstoves to street vendors who cook in the open, thus creating awareness and an informal education channel for people passing by.  But what’s really interesting is what EarthSpark does when they enter a new community.

EarthSpark invites some of their old customers to road shows that they host in neighboring communities. These customers are not paid spokespeople, but are so excited about the product that they want to spread the word and get everyone using it. It’s a great win-win for everyone. EarthSpark gets enthusiastic, credible testimonials, the spokespeople get to share their experience and knowledge, and the new community gets a trusted, unpaid opinion from someone they can relate to.

Key Takeaway

Tap into a network of existing customers, find the enthusiasts, and convert them into evangelists. Testimonials are most powerful when they come from people with similar backgrounds to the target audience.

End Notes

Interview with Allison Archambault, EarthSpark International.


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