Travel to any continent and one thing that can always be found is a bottle of Coca-Cola. How does this huge multi-national corporation get its products in rural Kenyan villages and dense Mumbia slums? Learn from the experiences of Coca-Cola and other for-profit and non-profit organizations as they build and refine their marketing strategies in low and middle-income countries.

Barriers To Adoption


Read about the obstacles that you need to overcome. Many of the social products being marketed today have been around for decades. The improved cookstove was first introduced in India in the 1940s. Water filter systems have been around since before the Roman empire. So why, despite the efforts of non-profits and government institutions, hasn’t there …Read More

Extreme Users and Outliers


Refining the design of your product and service by going beyond mainstream users. For research to inspire new opportunities, it is useful to find people who represent “extremes.” Extreme participants help to unearth unarticulated behaviors, desires, and needs of the rest of the population, but are easier to observe and identify because they feel the effects …Read More

Advice from the Field


Social entrepreneurs share their wisdom about marketing to BOP consumers. Behavior Change starts with an understanding of society and its values. To change a system, Behavior Change is often required at every level. – IDEO It’s easy to figure out what’s the most popular restaurant in a new location — just look for the people. Similarly, …Read More